Lucky Coin Drop List


To exchange Lucky Coin must go to Delgado in Devias (191x17)



First time must Register the Lucky Coin.



If you Register can exchange to reward.



10 Lucky Coin drop:
- Silver Key
- Gold Key
- Jewel of Chaos
- Jewel of Bless
- Jewel of Soul
- Jewel of Creation
- Jewel of Life
- Jewel of Harmony
- Gemstone


20 Lucky Coin drop:
- Bundle Jewel of Bless
- Bundle Jewel of Soul
- Bundle Gemstone
- Bundle Jewel of Harmony
- Bundle Jewel of Chaos
- Bundle Jewel of Life
- Bundle Jewel of Creation
- Chaos Card Rare
- Silver Key
- Gold Key


30 Lucky Coin drop:
- All Seed Sphere Elite
- Red Fenrir
- Bundle Gemstone
- Bundle Jewel of Harmony
- Jewel of Elevation

Currently this is only one server.