NPC Wings Crafter Atlans Map



To obtain Wings 4 lvl you must collect all Items:

6x Condor Feather+ 10x Jewel of Elevation + 1x Jewel of Full+
5x Jewel of Harmony Bundle (30)+ 5x Seed Sphere Durability+
5x Seed Sphere EDI+ 5x Seed Sphere CDI+ 5x Seed Sphere HI


If you collect all Items go to Atlans (23x25).

To exchange you must have minimum one expanded inventory enabled!!!
Remember if you go to exchange class Blade Master you obtain
wing to Blade Master. If you go class Soul Master you obtain wing
to Soul Master! Etc.
You obtain wing who class go to exchange!
We not exchange if you go wrong character!

Currently this is only one server.