PvP Championship Event

Event Time: 

- Wednesday time 8.30PM (20.30)
- Friday time 8.30PM (20.30)
- Saturday time 8.30PM (20.30) 


Register NPC:

Go to Lorencia 130x121

Character must have minimum 30 Resets and 300 Level!


Minimum players on event: 2
Maximum players on event: 20


After clicking on npc we are taken to the waiting room.
The event consists of several rounds until the final.
The system automatically draws the opponent and takes us to the Battle Arena.
The loser is eliminated from the event, the winner of the round receives 15 WcoinC.
Then the system draws another pair until the final.
For winning the final you get 150 WcoinC.
Escaping the event is disqualification.
The round lasts 5 minutes and lasts up to 3 kills,
if 3 points are not scored within 5 minutes they will both be disqualified.
Unfortunately, this is how it works at these times
and there is no possibility of correction.

Currently this is only one server.